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    Irina Kotova

Born on March 8, 1979 in Zagorsk ,nowadays Sergiev Posad (Moscow region).

1999 – graduated the Abramtsevo Art Industrial College, named after V.M.Vasnetsov, art ceramics department.

2007 – graduated the St.Petersburg State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E.Repin, Gold medal awarded for academic achievements. Studied in the faculty of Painting in the Theatre Workshop under the direction of E.S.Kochergina.

2006 – The winner of the Grant Award of St.Petersburg in the «Theatre Stage Design» nomination.




1997 - «Russkiy Dvorik» restaurant. Sergiev Posad.

1998 - Solo exhibition in the premises of Commerce and Industry Chamber (SC ART GALLERY «Exclusive-Atrium). Moscow.         

        - "Contemporaneity" in the Central Exhibition Hall «Manezh». Moscow.      

1999 - «Castles for New Russians» Art gallery Albatros. Moscow.

         - «Cats and sex» Art-gallery Albatros. Moscow.

2000 - «S-Art» gallery. Moscow.

         - «Art-Manezh». Moscow.

2001 - «Art-Salon» in the Central House of Artist. Moscow.

2002 - Solo exhibition. Gallery «S-Art». Moscow.

2004 - «Life is a Theatre». The Central House of Artist. Moscow.

         - «A trip to…». The Central House of Artist. Moscow.

2005 - The Union of Theatre Workers. Saint-Petersburg.

2007 - The exhibition devoted to the 250th anniversary of the foundation    

            of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts. Manezh Exhibition Hall. Moscow.

2008 - The Second Moscow International Festival of Art «Traditions &   

           Contemporaneity»  in the Central Exhibition Hall «Manezh». Moscow.

         - «Art-Salon». The Central House of Artist. Moscow.

2009 - Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel. Moscow.

2010 - «Art-Salon». The Central House of Artist. Moscow.

         - «Belle-Fleur». Gallery N. Moscow.

         - «Emotions and perceptions». Art-cafe Ex:Libris. Moscow.

         - «Emotions and perceptions». Art-cafe Dozhd Mazhor. Moscow.

         -  Ideal Form (Central Branch) Hong Kong.

2011 - Picture gallery. Pavilion №70. All-Russian Exhibition Centre. Moscow.

         - Investment Trade Bank. Moscow. Solo exhibition.

         - Cultural Foundation. Moscow. Solo exhibition.

2011-2012 - Russian Romance (Central Branch) Hong Kong.

2012 - HUDGRAPH. 7-th graphic arts fair. New Manege Exhibition Hall. Moscow.

        -  Monologue ( Happy Valley Branch) Hong Kong.

2012-2013 - Lullaby for the Dragon (Stanley Plaza Branch) Hong Kong.      

2013 - Awaiting Spring (Happy Valley Branch) Hong Kong.

2014 - The First Russian Arts & Culture Festival in Hong Kong

           FROM RUSSIA WITH ART. Red Sguare Gallery. Hong Kong.  

           Solo exhibition «In search of Royal Bird».


To date, the works of Irina are highly sought after and are in private   collections in France, Belgium, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Russia.